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Health experts say that we all have two types of cholesterol present in our body, it is a molten wax-like fluid whose job is to maintain the smoothness in the blood vessels. As long as it remains in the prescribed amount, it is called good cholesterol. Due to the increase in the amount of bad cholesterol in the body, a person can become a victim of dangerous diseases. Ayurveda has been told about some such fruits to get relief from the problem of bad cholesterol, by consuming which you can get relief from this problem. In detail about these fruits -

* Avocado :

Avocado is commonly used as a vegetable in food. Although it is a fruit, health experts say that consuming avocado helps in controlling bad cholesterol. Due to this, the person is at risk of heart attack to a great extent.

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* Apple :

Let us tell you that fiber is found in plenty in apple, apart from this, soluble fiber called pectin is also found in it. Which helps in controlling the amount of cholesterol in the body.

* Berries :

Many such properties are found in berries, which play an important role in protecting our bodies from many dangerous diseases. Let us tell you that berries have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. By consuming it, many types of problems can be overcome. meets. Along with this, its consumption helps in controlling the cholesterol level.

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* Banana :

Banana is a very common fruit that is easily available in the market for 12 months. Let us tell you that potassium and fiber are found in plenty in bananas, consuming it helps a lot in reducing bad cholesterol in the body, apart from this, consuming it also helps a lot in keeping blood pressure normal. Due to this, you reduce the risk of heart-related diseases to a great extent.