Darker Mehndi Tips: Every woman wants to look beautiful during the wedding-party or festival season, now makeup looks incomplete without mehndi. Girls also like to make different types of designs like this. But you must have often noticed that the colour of mehndi does not last for more than 2-3 days, you try a lot, but still, you do not get the desired result. Let us know what those tricks can be used to make its colour darker.

With the help of these things, the colour of mehndi will increase
1. Eucalyptus oil
You might have reduced the use of eucalyptus oil, but it can darken the colour of henna. After removing the henna, apply this oil to your hands and wash your hands after about 30 minutes.

2. Desi ghee
This recipe is being followed since the time of our grandmothers. When the henna dries, remove it without washing it. Now apply desi ghee on both hands. You don't have to wash your hands for a long time. By doing this the colour will get darker.

3. Balm
To thicken the color of mehndi, the trend of applying balm on the head has also increased a lot in the last few years. Remove the henna after drying and rub the balm on your hands. Take care not to touch your eyes, mouth and nose before washing your hands, as the balm may irritate.

4. Clove
With the help of cloves, the color of henna becomes even more intense. For this, roast the cloves on a griddle and after removing the henna, roast the hands with the smoke coming out of the cloves. If you want, you can also mix coconut oil and apply it.