In summer, people consume a lot of curd, but when it comes to consuming curd in winter, people hesitate. The effect of curd is cold, so many people believe that consuming curd in winter can cause many problems to the body. But you need to know that consumption of curd in winter season is very beneficial for health. Yogurt is known to be a high source of protein, vitamins, minerals and probiotics while being low in carbs. It is a storehouse of vitamins, potassium, calcium, magnesium and proteins that help protect you from many diseases. So let's know what are the benefits of eating curd in winter.

Immun power becomes strong
In the winter season, the immune power becomes weak, due to which you become vulnerable to viral infections. But if you consume curd in winter, then the vitamin C present in it strengthens the immune power, which helps to keep you safe from viruses and bacteria.

Keep heart fit
To strengthen the heart, curd should be consumed. About 60 percent of people in the world lose their lives due to heart disease. At the same time, after Kovid, the risk of heart has increased even among the youth. Cholesterol remains normal by consuming it, the problem of high BP is relieved.

Better digestion
Due to many types of food in winter, there can be disturbances in digestion, due to which the pH level of your body can deteriorate. If you want to strengthen your digestive power then take curd. Consuming curd in winter keeps the problems related to digestion at bay.