If you do not pay attention then the problem of cracked heels is not a big deal, this problem becomes more serious in the winter season. In such a situation, the beauty of your feet gets completely spoiled. However, this problem can be overcome by adopting some home remedies.

Why do heels crack?
If your heels come in contact with water and dust more, the chances of them getting cracked increase. If the heels crack deeply, it causes a lot of pain. It is better to take some measures before more cracks appear so that such problems can be avoided.
Home remedies to heal cracked heels

1. Coconut Oil:
We often use coconut oil for hair but it is also used to heal cracked heels. This will not only keep the heels moisturized but can also protect them from infection.

2. Banana :
Banana protects your skin from becoming dry. Make a paste by crushing 2 ripe bananas and applying it on the heels of the feet for 20 minutes, then wash and clean the feet thoroughly. Your heels will heal in about 2 weeks.

3. Cleaning with lukewarm water:
To heal your cracked heels, soak your feet in lukewarm water for about 20 minutes. Rub the heels with a scrubber and slowly remove the dead skin present in them. Take it out of the water, apply mustard oil on it, and then wear socks and your heel will be fine in a few days.

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