According to a study, early symptoms of the viral disease can be detected through a health tracker worn on the wrist. This will help in the early detection of being infected with the coronavirus. In this regard, researchers found that the number of people using health trackers is increasing worldwide. Health trackers are used by people to monitor changes in skin temperature, heart, and breathing rate. A recent study report published in the BMJ Open Journal showed that by combining this data with artificial intelligence, the infection can be detected before symptoms of Covid 19 appear.

PCR test for corona

Whereas PCR swab test is a standard complete method of confirmation of Covid 19. The researchers said that our findings showed that a wearable machine, which is based on algorithms, could serve as a promising tool for detecting early symptoms of Covid 19. Researchers at Risk Medical Laboratory, Liechtenstein found this result from a study report on AVA bracelet wearers.

Corona can be detected with a health tracker

A fertility tracker monitors breathing rate, heart rate, heart rate variability, wrist skin temperature, and blood flow as well as the quantity and quality of sleep. It takes a few days for the symptoms of the corona to appear after being infected, during which time the virus can be spread unknowingly in a person. But the researchers wanted to see if physical changes could be detected by monitoring active trackers by developing machine learning algorithms to detect corona infection before the onset of symptoms.

Study on health tracker

Between March 2020 and April 2021, 1,163 participants under the age of 51 were selected for this GAPP study. Launched in 2010, the GAPP aimed to better understand the development of cardiovascular risk factors in the general population of Sichenstein by having study participants wear an AVA bracelet at night. The device saves data every 10 seconds and meets the requirement of uninterrupted sleep for at least four hours. The bracelet also synchronizes with a complimentary smartphone app upon waking.

A rapid antibody test is done for Covid 19 infection. At the same time, people with suggestive symptoms are subjected to a PCR swab test. But during the study period, 127 people i.e. 11 percent of the people using the health tracker were found to develop the infection. At the same time, 52 percent of the people wore the bracelet at least 29 days before the initial symptoms appeared. When the PCR swab test of these people was done, the report came back positive. After which these people were included in the final analysis. It was found that the symptoms of coronavirus lasted for an average of 8.5 days.

Note: This article has been prepared based on the report published in BMJ Journal.