How to clean sink drain: It is normal for the sink to get jammed while washing dishes daily in the kitchen. In such a situation, we often have to struggle to clean it. Today we tell you the tips for cleaning the sink.

Kitchen Sink Cleaning Tips: The kitchen is considered to be the abode of Maa Annapurna. There the grain store of the whole family is stored. Therefore, it is also very important to clean it regularly. One of these is also a sink. If the sink gets clogged due to some reason, then a big problem arises and there is a problem in cleaning the utensils. Today we are going to tell you some tricks, with the help of which you can easily open a closed big sink.

Why does sync block happen?

First of all, let us know why the kitchen sink gets clogged. While washing the utensils, we simply throw away the leftover food items, used tea leaves, and other things in the sink. Due to this gradually dirt starts accumulating in the pipe of the sink. Also, the sink starts rusting. So try to empty the food items in the dustbin before washing the dishes in the sink. Only after this start washing the utensils.

Kitchen Sink Cleaning Tips

Use the Zip-It Tool

To clean the kitchen sink, first, clean the garbage accumulated on it. If you want, you can use the Zip-It tool for this. With its help, not only the garbage but even the hair can be removed easily. You can also use Zip-It to clean sink pipes.

After about 10 minutes of cleaning the garbage from the sink, heat the water and pour it into the drain of the sink and check its flow. If the water is going at the right speed then it is okay. But if the water is going slowly, then pour hot water again and see the flow. Repeating this process once or twice will clear your sink.

How to clean sink drain

Many times the small water pipe installed under the sink gets choked, due to which the water from the sink does not go into the drain. In such a situation, it would be better that you first loosen the nut on the mesh and remove its mesh. After removing that net, you can check whether there is anything stuck in the pipe. If you see something stuck, you can clean the pipe with the help of a stick. Also, fill the bucket with water and fill it in the sink with speed. By doing this, that water will come out of the pipe taking the garbage with it.