If bad cholesterol increases excessively in your blood vessels, then it becomes the cause of fatal diseases related to the heart. Blockage occurs due to the accumulation of plaque in the arteries, then the blood has to exert a lot of effort to reach the heart, this condition is called high blood pressure, and it causes heart attack, due to which many people die. also happens. To avoid high cholesterol, you can consume ginger, it contains antioxidants called Gingerols and Shogaols which help in reducing LDL. Let us know what are the 5 healthy ways to use ginger.

1. Raw Ginger
You can eat ginger raw by chewing it, it is very important for those who consume more fried and spicy food. Because the taste of ginger stings the tongue a lot, so you do not like to eat it like this, although this method is very effective in reducing cholesterol.

2. Ginger Water
Those who drink ginger water regularly, get the full benefit of this spice, which reduces bad cholesterol. For this, cut ginger into small pieces and boil it in hot water. Then after filtering it, drink it when it is lukewarm. You can drink half a cup of ginger water after meals.

3. Ginger And Lemon Tea
People who drink ginger tea regularly, their body fat starts reducing gradually, and increasing cholesterol also comes under control. Especially for those who eat more oily and spicy food, this tea is very important for them.

4. Ginger Powder
The way to store ginger for a long time is to cut it into small pieces and dry it in the sun for several days, now grind it well in a mixer grinder to make powder. You can drink this powder mixed with water and mix it with many recipes.

5. Ginger And Garlic Kadha
Make a decoction by mixing ginger and garlic and drinking it regularly, doing this will help to a great extent in reducing bad cholesterol. If this decoction seems a bit bitter, then you can squeeze a few drops of lemon in it for the test.