Gestational Donation: Can we have children through the body of a 'brain dead' woman? Can a 'brain dead' woman be converted as a surrogacy mother? At first sight, it seems impossible. According to whatever medical science has explained to us to date, being brain dead, in a way, is considered to be a condition just before death. But now a new research journal has been published, which has been written by a world-renowned professor. According to this, preparations will be made to convert 'brain dead female' into surrogacy in the coming days. The name of this concept is Whole Body Gestational Donation.

What's the whole idea of having a baby?
Whole Body Gestational Donation will be the same way as donating your womb... like people donate their organs (liver, kidney, heart etc...) today. Along with organs, for medical research... people also donate their bodies after death. This process is also the same. In this process, any woman can sign this consent while she is alive... that in any situation, if she becomes brain dead, then her uterus can be used to give birth to a child. That is, even after being brain dead, it can emerge as a hope for childless couples.

Who will get help?
Those parents who want a child but due to various reasons are unable to produce children. For such people, this technology will emerge as a hope. In today's time, only options like IVF, surrogacy, and adoption remain in front of such people. In such a situation, Professor Anna Smajdor, Director of Philosophy, University of Oslo, has given the theory that ' those parents who want children but are unable to have children for any reason, their dreams come true. To do this, we will be able to hire the female body declared brain dead by the doctors.

How to get consent? (Legal and written consent)
Responding to this, Anna Samedor has written that many people in the world donate their organs for medical research. Women also rent their wombs for surrogacy. Apart from this, women can also come forward to give consent for this work as soon as they are alive. That is if she becomes brain dead due to any reason, then in this condition, she can give birth to children. This will be a new hope for those who always yearn for a child.