As a parent, if you want to protect your children from negative feelings and experiences, today we can help you by validating your children's feelings, helping them develop a positive self-image, and learning what is healthy. How to handle difficult situations in a manner.

Take a break from all the directions and listen to your kids when they are talking to you. Let them see that you are 100% invested in what they are seeing and experiencing through what they can see.

Let them know that you understand them and that their problems matter. In such a situation, you should find ways to solve each of their problems.

Instead of trying to fix it all, let them know that it's okay to feel a certain way when something happens and that you'll be there to help them.

This helps you to understand your child and their condition. When your kids respond, it can help them understand the situation, their reactions and thoughts, and even solve their problems.


Allow your child to experience their feelings instead of telling them what they should feel. You want to avoid phrases like "It wasn't so bad or Stop being so sad about it" and use phrases like "I can see why you're upset or I would feel the same way".