CES 2023, a big event in the world of technology, is going to start soon. In this event, big companies and startups showcase their gadgets and consumer tech items. Let us know what is special in this event this year.

CES, which is considered the world's biggest technology event, is about to begin. CES, the annual technology industry event formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is set to begin this week in Las Vegas. Media preview is happening before the start of this event, which has started tomorrow i.e. Tuesday 3rd January, and will continue till 4th January.

The event will start on January 5

The show will start on Thursday after the media preview and will be live till Sunday. The show changed its name to CES several years ago to better reflect the changing industry and events. It has grown beyond audio and video to include automotive, digital health, smartphones, wearables, and other technologies.

The event is better for startup

Companies and startups will showcase innovations in virtual reality, robotics, and consumer tech items in media and other tech industries. The show is not open to the general public. It remains to be seen which companies will showcase their items this year.

The event was affected by the coronavirus

The show's organizers say they aim to attract 100,000 participants this time around. It will be in contrast to the look and feel of the previous two shows. The last event saw a 70% drop in in-person attendance amid the proliferation of the Omicron variant. Explain that even if the organizers reach their target, it will still represent a 41% drop in attendance compared to the in-person shows held in early 2020.

3000 companies will participate

About 3,000 companies have signed up to participate in the program, said Kinsey Fabrizio, senior vice president of the trade group Consumer Technology Association. These include several startups and regular visitors such as Amazon and Meta.

Let us tell you that both have recently fired people from their companies and implemented hiring freezes after beefing up their employees during the pandemic. Amid concerns about the economic environment, other tech companies are also tightening their belts and laying off employees.