Like all nutrients, the consumption of carbohydrates is necessary for our body, but it should be eaten in limited quantities and at the right time, otherwise, the body will be harmed more than the benefits. Generally, health experts recommend that we should avoid carbs-based foods in breakfast because doing so can release chemicals like cortisol and dopamine, which will make you feel lethargic and lethargic. The healthier you keep breakfast, the more it will be beneficial for the body and will help in maintaining energy throughout the day. Let us know why we should not eat foods with carbs in the morning.

Why not eat carbs for breakfast?
Our daily routine starts after waking up in the morning and due to our busy schedule, our body needs a lot of energy, so it is generally advised that many nutrients based foods including vitamins and proteins should be eaten in breakfast. You can also include fruits and nuts in this.

There is no doubt that we need carbs so that the body can get proper nutrition, but we should avoid eating them in breakfast because doing so can cause many types of damage, such as-

1. Weight will increase
Carbohydrate intake in breakfast reduces insulin sensitivity, due to which fat starts accumulating around the stomach and waist. If you are thinking of losing weight, then definitely consider this.

2. Increases appetite
If you eat carbs in the morning, then there can be an increase in ghrelin reaction, it is a hunger hormone that releases our stomach and then gives the signal to the brain to eat food. By doing this, you will feel hungry quickly, and due to eating for less duration, weight can also increase.

3. Effect on mental health
Eating a carbohydrate breakfast also has a bad effect on mental health, because it reduces leptin sensitivity, due to which you do not feel satisfaction in many works, along with all your senses also start to affect.

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