To maintain mouth hygiene, it is advisable to brush twice a day. But usually most people brush their teeth when they wake up in the morning but consider it useless to clean their teeth before sleeping at night. If you are also making this mistake, then know here how many benefits you are losing.

During the night, bacteria grow in our mouth which causes bad odor. Brushing before sleeping does not provide an environment for these bacteria to grow. This gives fresh breath in the morning.

When we eat, food particles such as sugar and starch get deposited on our teeth. During the night while we sleep, these bacteria eat these foods and produce acids, which can damage the teeth. Brushing before bed removes these food particles, reducing the risk of tooth decay.

Gums support our teeth. Accumulation of bacteria can weaken gums and lead to gum disease. Brushing at night massages the gums and improves gum health.

It is important to brush before sleeping to have a good taste in the mouth when you wake up in the morning. Bacteria accumulated during the night and can cause a bad taste in the mouth. Brushing removes this bad taste and you can enjoy delicious food in the morning.

A clean mouth and healthy teeth help you sleep better. Any pain or discomfort in your mouth can disrupt sleep. Brushing before bedtime can help you sleep comfortably throughout the night.

(PC: Zee news)