When Monday comes after the weekend, everyone is in a hurry to go to the office. Those who are house makers are in a hurry because they have to prepare tiffin for children and elders. Many women handle both household and office work. In such a situation, if by mistake you get up a little late in the morning, it directly impacts your breakfast. Due to waking up late, people often skip breakfast, whereas morning breakfast is very important for our body. Having breakfast in the morning keeps the body full of energy throughout the day.

In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about a breakfast dish which you can make in just 10 minutes. Today we will teach you how to make cheela. This cheese is not made of gram flour or semolina but of flour. The flour fills you up with a good amount of protein and fiber, while the vegetables add essential minerals and vitamins to your meal. In such a situation, you can quickly make a chela of flour and eat it in the morning.

These ingredients are needed to make Atta Cheela
Green chilly
Freshly chopped coriander
A pinch of turmeric

To make flour cheela, first of all, you have to take a cup of flour. Add salt, turmeric, and curd to this flour and mix well. After this, prepare a smooth batter by adding water.

When the batter is ready, add carom seeds, ginger, green chilies, and all the vegetables and mix properly. After this, heat the pan by placing it on gas.

When the pan becomes hot, apply a little oil on it so that the pan becomes smooth. After this, pour the batter into the pan with the help of a big spoon and make a cheela. Cook it until it becomes crisp on both sides. When it is cooked, serve it with green chutney and ketchup.

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