After the bad experience of Covid, mental health has started being discussed openly all over the world. The pandemic and the lockdown have taught us that along with physical health, it is very important to take care of mental health as well. In these two years, the flourishing work-from-home culture helped many people, and also gave stress, anxiety, and boredom to many, which they are still trying to overcome.

Although there are many ways to improve mental health, one more simple thing helps you in this and that is a hobby. Trying a new hobby gives you a sense of purpose and takes your mind off all the bad things for a while. This produces fewer stress hormones in your body and motivates you to choose healthy options for yourself. Another advantage of this is that you start spending less time on your phone.

For this, you will have to try a hobby or activity that gives you peace and relaxation. So come on, let us tell you 10 such activities today, which will help you to calm your mind and make you feel energetic.

Learn to play an instrument

If you loved playing guitar as a kid, but now your guitar is gathering dust in a corner, pick it up again and play a nice tune. If you don't know how to play any instrument, but you want to learn something, it is not too late. Music or playing instruments causes many changes in your brain, which can improve your emotional health. It also reduces your stress and anxiety and makes you feel more connected to others.

Decorate your own home

Decorating your home yourself not only saves money, but it can also make your home more beautiful and safe. Doing the interior of your home yourself can be very creative for you and it also improves your mental health. Making your home a beautiful place is also a way of expressing yourself and learning, and when you succeed, you will feel like you have accomplished something.

Solve a puzzle

It takes a lot of brains to fit all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together. This means that when you solve a puzzle, you don't have enough mental energy left to think about other stressful things. This activates all parts of your brain, which improves your cognitive ability and helps your brain stay healthy.

Try tai chi

This is a centuries-old mental exercise from China, which is done through martial arts, slow movement, and deep breathing. This exercise can give you physical as well as emotional benefits. It can help you reduce stress, improve your mood, and focus, and feel relaxed. It has also been found in some studies that regular practice can help you sleep better and can also strengthen your immunity.

Knit something

We all must have seen our grandmothers or mothers knitting sweaters. It may seem a bit difficult and confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, your fingers will come naturally. Knitting is a form of meditation because it keeps your mind focused in one place. This hobby can lower your blood pressure, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, and even help fight loneliness.

Go hiking

If you've never tried taking a walk to enjoy the beauty of nature, you need to try it now. Spending time in nature or taking a walk can help you take your mind off negativity and get out of your blues. This refreshes your mind and you are able to think in a better way. So any activity like hiking, trekking, or running is great for your mental health.

Make flower arrangement

Who doesn't like colorful flowers? These flowers can not only enhance the beauty of your home but can also improve your mental health. Creating a lovely bouquet of beautiful flowers for yourself or someone you love can slow down your breathing and release your stress. This also makes your view of things more clear and better.

Experiment with watercolors

Playing with different colors on a canvas can be a great way to relieve stress. Even if you are not an expert in painting, focus on getting what you are creating right. This helps in concentrating your mind and you are able to bring out your creativity. Watercolors are great for this, as they are soft and soothing and not too difficult to blend.

Do pottery

Making pottery is also such a work, which can improve your mental health. It can lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol in just 45 minutes, helping you feel calmer and more comfortable. Another advantage of this is that whenever you drink water from a pot made by yourself or put flowers in a vase made by yourself, you feel happy thinking that you have made it with your own hands.

Make candles

Making candles by yourself is a creative activity and can give you a meditative experience. It forces your mind to focus and think of new ideas, which increases your ability to think. You can also decorate your home with these DIY candles and can also gift them to your near and dear ones.