Due to the constantly changing weather and pollution, many types of problems start appearing on the face. Blackheads are also included in these problems. Dead skin cells and sebum accumulated on the skin gradually accumulate on the skin pores and they take the shape of pimples or pimples within a few days. This is called blackheads. Blackheads look like small black dots on the face.

Blackheads are a kind of dirt accumulated in the pores of the face, which does not come out easily. It is very difficult to remove it. They are most commonly seen on the top of the nose, near the chin, and sometimes on the cheeks. If you also remove it at home, then your slight carelessness can have a bad effect on the skin. Some things should be kept in mind while removing blackheads so that your mistake does not affect the skin.

Do not use nails
Never use your nails if you are extracting blackheads at home. Blackheads are deep inside the skin. If you remove only the outer grain with the help of a nail, then there may be a wound on it.

Keep blackheads removal clean
It is often seen that after removing blackheads, people do not wash the removal properly and keep it like that. Then when it is used again like this, there can be pimples as well as many other problems.

Do not scrub
Do not scrub too much while removing blackheads. Doing this can cause rashes on the skin. Not only this, but excessive rubbing can also dry the skin.

Do not use pin and razor
Never use a razor and pin while removing blackheads. Facial skin is very sensitive. In such a situation, a razor and pin can cause wounds on the face.

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