Karela Benefits For Diabetes: Because of the bitterness of bitter gourd, many people do not like its vegetable. Some people start shrinking their noses and eyebrows on hearing the name of bitter gourd. Their taste becomes astringent, but do you know that bitter gourd vegetable tastes extremely astringent but its properties are very beneficial? Many such nutrients are found in bitter gourd, which can relieve you from many diseases. For sugar patients, bitter gourd is no less than nectar. Let's know the benefits of bitter gourd and ways to remove its bitterness...

Bitter gourd is a boon for diabetes patients
If you are troubled by diabetes, then bitter gourd is no less than a boon for you. You can keep yourself healthy by drinking bitter gourd juice. Insulin-like protein is found in bitter gourd juice. It is called polypeptide P. It shows an amazing effect in reducing blood sugar levels in diabetes.

How to remove astringency of bitter gourd
If you do not eat bitter gourd because it is bitter, then you can adopt some measures to reduce its bitterness. With these measures, the astringency of bitter gourd ends and your taste also changes.

1. Pour dry flour and salt over the bitter gourd and leave it for about an hour. After this, its bitterness will go away and the taste will also change.
2. To remove the bitterness of bitter gourd, soak 2 glasses of water and rice in a bowl and soak the pieces of bitter gourd in it for about 1 hour. The astringency will reduce.
3. To remove bitterness, bitter gourd can be eaten by soaking it in salt water.
4. If you want, you can remove the bitterness of bitter gourd by adding dried mango powder. Its vegetable is very wonderful.