Hair looks more beautiful when it is shiny. Shiny hair enhances the beauty of the face. What do we do to maintain the beauty of the hair? Sometimes they use different types of shampoos and sometimes new conditioners. They even resort to hair treatments like keratin and rebounding.

All these things leave their effect after a time and can also harm our hair. In such a situation, the natural shine of our hair also reduces. The desire for shiny hair is very common, but small mistakes affect the shine of the hair. Today, in this article, we are going to tell you some such important things, with the help of which the shine of your hair will not fade away. Let's know the tips for shiny hair.

Don't wash your hair every day

Do you also think that daily hair washing keeps hair healthy? If you also have this habit, then change it. By doing this neither the hair becomes lifeless. Hair starts getting dry. Along with this, the shine of the hair also starts decreasing. That's why you should not wash your hair daily. Wash your head only twice a week. However, this also depends on your hair type. Try not to wash your hair too often.

Say no to serum

By the way, there are many products in the market which claim to make your hair shiny. One of these products is hair serum. Nowadays serum is being used instead of oil in the hair. The serum is applied to wet hair. This does not cause the problem of frizziness and shine comes into the hair immediately. You should avoid using hair serum.

Instead of this, you can use the oil present in the kitchen. Apply oil about 1 hour before washing hair and then wash after an hour. Applying oil will strengthen your hair. Along with this, it also helps in giving natural shine to the hair. That's why you must apply oil to your hair.

Do not comb wet hair

Often we comb wet hair so that our hair remains straight and does not get tangled after drying, but this is not the right way. Keep in mind that you do not have to comb wet hair.

Let the hair dry naturally and when the hair is dry, start from the ends instead of combing from the roots. When you comb from the ends of the hair and untangle them, there are not many knots in the hair and then after combing from the roots, the hair also untangles well.

Remedies for shiny hair

You do not need any expensive shampoo for shiny hair. You can easily bring back the lost shine of your hair with the help of home remedies. For this, you have to apply egg and curd to the hair.

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