Eating honey provides antidepressant, anticonvulsant and anti-oxidant benefits to our bodies. From helping in healing wounds to soothing a sore throat, honey is also very beneficial for our skin-hair and digestive health. Nutritionist and dietician Kiran Kukreja tells us what things you should eat mixed with honey to keep your body healthy.

1. Garlic

If you use garlic and honey in a limited amount in the morning, blood circulation can be improved. It is very beneficial for the body because garlic contains nutrients like vitamin B-6, vitamin C, fibre, protein and manganese etc. and eating it with honey also gives antimicrobial properties to the body.

2. Lemon

According to Dietician Kiran, if you want to lose weight then honey and lemon are the most effective home remedies. Drinking lukewarm or lukewarm water mixed with honey in the morning on an empty stomach can reduce weight. Mix half a lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and drink it. If you do not feel like consuming honey with lemon, then you can also drink only honey and warm water.

3. Honey and Ginger

If you are troubled by the problem of cough, then you can consume ginger with honey. If you eat a few drops of ginger juice mixed with one spoon of honey before sleeping, then you can get relief from a cough. Both honey and ginger have distinct health benefits. Both of these have antioxidant properties and that is why they are very good for our digestion. If you have a lot of stomach pain, then consuming these two things is very beneficial to get relief from it.

Apart from this, if you drink tea with honey and cinnamon, then it also reduces the cholesterol level present in the body. To keep the heart healthy, you should consume honey and cinnamon together.

image credit-freepik