These Habits Can Increase Your Weight: Although weight gain can cause embarrassment and low confidence for many people, the big problem is that it causes great harm to health, obesity is not a disease in itself, but If it is said to be the root of many diseases, then probably it will not be wrong. Our wrong eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle are responsible for weight gain. That's why first of all we must know why belly fat increases, only then it will be easy to reduce it.

3 bad habits that cause weight gain
1. Lack of physical activities

Many of us are comfortable people, so on most occasions, we like to sit or lie down, there is no doubt that rest is also necessary for weight maintenance, but due to the decrease in physical activities, fat deposits in the body start happening, and gradually the fat around the stomach and waist increases. To avoid this, you will have to do some hard work, which includes walking, using the stairs instead of the lift, running, jogging, lifting heavy things and swimming. You will be able to lose weight only by changing your lifestyle.

2. Increased stress
Obesity can increase due to an increase in tension, it increases hunger cravings which is a dangerous situation. Stress can be due to many reasons, it includes office tension, the burden of responsibilities, family discord, old enmity, betrayal in love or friendship, and fear of examination. The happier you are, the easier it will be to maintain your weight.

3. Addiction to alcohol
Everyone knows that drinking alcohol is not only a social evil, but it also causes great harm to health. For people who are used to drinking regularly, fat starts accumulating around their stomach and waist, which later takes a gigantic form. That's why leave the habit of alcohol, otherwise, obesity will ruin you.