The new era of Artificial Intelligence has begun. With the advent of AI in the world of technology, many major changes are being seen all over the world. The development of the technology of generative pre trend transformers has accelerated this speed considerably. These days from ChatGPT, Mid Journey to many AI tools which are going viral. This technology is working behind them. With the introduction of AI, productive power will increase significantly in the country and the world. In such a situation, this technology is going to play a big role in boosting the global GDP. Now even all the governments in the country and the world are using AI. India is also not behind in this. Goa government has planned to bring AI chatbots into the country. Goa's Information and Technology Minister Rohan Khaunte has informed us that this AI chatbot will be launched soon. Let's know about it in detail -

This AI chatbot will be used to address the grievances of the people. Apart from this, how the benefits of various services can be made available to the people without any hindrance and fast. It will be used in that also.

Giving information about this, Goa Minister Rohan Khaunte has said that his department will soon launch this AI chatbot. Once launched, this chatbot will help people better and more effectively.

According to Rohan Khaunte, initially, it will be used for tourism, redressal of grievances of people, and on Goa's online website.

People will get a lot of benefits from the arrival of this AI chatbot. After its arrival, the response rate will be much better than before. Apart from this, the help of chatbot will help in solving problems quickly.

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