Antibiotic Medicine Resistance: Fever came, quickly took the medicine. Got a cough, then took the medicine. Eating medicines on the slightest problem and indiscriminate consumption of antibiotics is becoming a big threat not only to the country but to the world. Eating these medicines is causing resistance in the body. Doctors say that you must have seen the medicines which were being sold in the market a few years back. Now they are not visible in the market. He has met such a fate because he has stopped making an impact. The person is taking very next-generation medicine. This is an alarming condition.

Concern expressed in Denmark, there will be deadly devastation
Recently, an online meeting of the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Serious concern was raised about the use of antibiotics in the meeting. Dr Aaron Glatt, Infectious Disease charge at a hospital in New York, told me the way the antibiotic is being used. Antibiotic resistance is one of the major concerns in the coming years. If it is not controlled in time, then fatal destruction can be seen in the coming years.

This is the warning of the WHO
WHO has also expressed concern about the use of antibiotics. WHO has said that antibiotics are being used in abundance in every country of the world. Due to this, antibiotics with low abilities have stopped working on people. This resistance towards medicines is not good at all. This should be considered as a warning only.

Antibiotics became ineffective on the patient
A report has been published regarding antibiotic ineffectiveness in Newark. As per reports, the 43-year-old cancer patient was admitted to a hospital for a bone marrow transplant procedure. Transplant became successful. The exercise to discharge from the hospital has been started. But at the same time tooth infection and fever occurred. Doctors gave antibiotics to cure it. But these medicines did not affect the patient. Later, when tested through microbiology lab testing, a deadly bacteria named Klebsiella was found in the blood. This bacteria was resistant to most of the drugs. The patient died when the infection progressed.

7 people in India are troubled by this
According to a report, resistance to drugs is continuously increasing in the country and the world. At least 7 lakh people in India are troubled by this problem, while by the year 2050, ten million people worldwide may be resistant to drugs. Resistance to drugs would mean that the bacteria and fungus that the drug is prepared to kill. Bacteria get used to those drugs due to excessive intake. they can't die