If anything gets blackened by rust, it spoils the whole beauty. It is not easy to clean it. Normal washing does not work, especially to remove stubborn rust marks on clothes, furniture, tiles and utensils. For that you have to take some special measures. The good news is that the solution is simple and you don't even have to spend money to get it.

Corrosion marks on utensils: Old utensils often get rust marks due to not using them for a long time. Washing such utensils normally does not remove the marks. Here are some tips to help you get rid of acne scars. Put salt in lemon juice and apply it on the clothes and rub it on the rust stain. Wash it off with clean water for 5 minutes. Corrosion marks will be removed. You can also use baking soda instead of salt in lemon. This will also remove the rust stains on the utensils. Potatoes also have a different type of A seed, which has the ability to remove rust marks. For this you should cut the potato in half and rub it on the rust marks.

Corrosion marks on furniture: Nowadays, the trade of furniture with designs made of iron is going on. It looks very beautiful, but if not properly maintained, it can deteriorate very quickly. It is especially prone to corrosion, which can ruin the look of furniture as well as shorten its shelf life. If there is corrosion in the iron furniture, it can be removed with vinegar. Let us tell you how. Apply vinegar to the rusty piece of furniture and leave it on for 24 hours. After 24 hours, lightly rub the area where the vinegar has been applied and wipe with a damp cloth. Be careful not to pour water directly on the iron furniture, as there is a risk of further corrosion.

Corrosion marks on clothes: Sometimes corrosion marks are also found on clothes. Normal washing cannot remove it from the clothes. For that you have to send the clothes to dry clean. But there are some home remedies that you can use to remove rust from clothes and save money. The best method is to soak the clothes where the rust marks have been, dissolve them in baking soda and water and leave them for 2 hours, then rub them lightly and wash them. If this is done 3-4 times, the scar disappears. You can also use lemon and vinegar to remove stubborn marks from clothes. Also apply toothpaste on the cloth and leave it for 24 hours and then rub it lightly on the scar and wash it off with water. Doing this 3-4 times removes the rust marks.

Rust marks on tiles and marble: Rust marks are also often found on tiles and marble on the floor. Especially if an iron object is placed on the floor of the kitchen and bathroom, there will be a few corrosive marks on that place. It can also be easily removed. For this you should take the help of cooking oil. Take two tablespoons of cooking oil and pour it over the corroded area. After 10 minutes rub the corroded area with a cotton cloth. Now instead of washing immediately, leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse with water. Corrosion marks will be removed.