Adenovirus Flu Symptoms: People are also at risk of diseases in the changing season. In the last two-three years, due to Coronavirus, a lot of havoc has been seen in the country and the world. Meanwhile, now a new virus has created a ruckus. For some time now, this virus is wreaking havoc in West Bengal. The name of this virus is Adenovirus. Many cases of this virus have been reported in West Bengal, after which the administration is also on alert.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adenoviruses are viruses that commonly cause respiratory illness, mild cold or flu-like illness. Causes of adenovirus include influenza, parainfluenza, rhinovirus, and pneumococci.

The most common symptoms of adenovirus infection include fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhoea, vomiting, and rapid breathing for more than 3 days. Due to its virus, small children, people with chronic respiratory disease and other serious diseases are at greater risk.

Although there is no cure for adenovirus flu, mild symptoms can be treated at home with ORS, a healthy diet and symptomatic care. If the fever persists for more than 3-5 days or if you have fast or strained breathing, loss of appetite and passing urine less than five times a day, go to the hospital and get yourself checked.

For prevention, it is necessary to wear a mask, maintain hand hygiene and adopt other measures similar to Kovid-19.