Nowadays everyone has their own Gmail account and you can call it a Google account. Everyone's phone needs a Gmail ID or account and that's why you can use Playstore on your phone and other Google services. Today I will teach you how to change your Gmail ID password. You should change the password of all your accounts regularly so that it is less likely to be hacked and you should write your password in the note so that you never forget it. Steps to change Gmail ID password on mobile:

First of all, open the Gmail app on your phone. You will then see a circular icon in the right-hand corner. Then if you have more than one Gmail ID, you select it. And then click on the circular icon on the right. Then you will see the password at the bottom of your profile section, click on it. Then you have to type the current password of the Gmail ID and press Next.

Then you have to type the new password twice and then you have to press the blue button below. Then your password will be changed. This is a very simple way by which you can change your password. Similarly, to keep your Gmail account secure, you can change your password in minutes whenever you want. For this, it is our opinion that always keep your new password in writing so that you do not forget it while changing it again and again.