Will NDA's victory in the Bihar election affect the Bengal election? Many speculations are being made about this. At the same time, BJP has already started preparations for the Bengal elections. Asadin Owaisi's party won five seats in the Seemanchal region in Bihar and spoiled the entire game of grand alliance. However, the BJP has benefited directly from the Owaisi factor. In Bengal, Owaisi is going to contest elections.If this happens, the Owaisi factor could be challenging for Chief Minister Mamata. There are 27 percent Muslim voters in Bengal who directly influence 90 of the 294 assembly seats in Bengal. In such a situation, where the BJP will be happy about the Owaisi factor, then Mamata is going to be challenged. Owaisi's party AIMIM may weaken the Trinamool Congress' hold on minorities as it enters the West Bengal assembly elections.After winning five seats in the Bihar elections, the Owaisi party has decided to try its luck in Bengal. Muslim leaders say that AIMIM can change the equation if they contest elections in Bengal. Talking about the Telangana-based party's detailed plan for Mission Bengal, national spokesperson Aseem Waqar told news agency PTI that the party has set up its units in 22 of the 23 districts in the state.