After the death of Sushant Rajput, many stars came forward who targeted Bollywood's nepotism. In such a situation, the name of Kangana also comes in this, who spoke openly on Nepotism and heard the Bollywood stars. At the same time, recently, Kangana has heard a fashion magazine very well.

According to the news, Kangana was banned by a designer only because she was a good friend of designer Karan Johar. Kangana's team has claimed on social media that Vogue India, a fashion magazine, had not worked with her for five years as her editor and fashion director Anita Shroff was a close friend of Adjania Karan Johar.

Kangana's team has also shared this information on Twitter. Her team has shared an article on Twitter and questioned why they are earning money using their pictures and videos when they have banned the actress.

Told me I'm not an A-lister - Kangana

Kangana said in one of her interviews, 'During the release of my film' Fashion 'in the year 2008, Vogue did a cover with Priyanka Chopra and refused to keep me in her cover. They said I am not an A-lister. In 2014, Vogue approached me for a cover, but Anita refused to style me and sent her to her colleague. He shot it in Mukesh Mills.

According to Kangana, in 2015, when she was again contacted by the magazine and said that if she wants to come on the cover of Vogue, she has to present her beauty award. Kangana told him that like the rest of the stars, she also wants to shoot outdoor but this time to her request was rejected.

Kangana then revealed that she had done the same two covers with Vogue, after that she was banned by the magazine but when the actress sought help from the magazine for the promotion of the film 'Manikarnika', she got a lot of favors but she did Kangana's film Did not shoot the cover story for, but I noticed that they are constantly using my photos and videos to promote themselves. Is this right?