His family and fans are yet to emerge from the shock of actor Sushant Singh Rajput's demise. Sushant's death actress and ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande is deeply shocked. Ankita still cries remembering Sushant. This was revealed by Aarti Singh, the contestant of Big Boss 13.

Ankita wants to be alone

Aarti told an interview on a website about the condition of Ankita Lokhande. Aarti says that she met Sushant through Ankita. Sushant was a good and positive thinking boy. Aarti told that after Sushant's death, she was very worried about Ankita. He calls Ankita. She wants to be alone for some time now. Aarti says that it will take some time to recover.
Aarti has gone through depression

Talking about depression, Aarti said that she too has gone through this phase. There came a time in her life when everything was in her professional life but still, she was broken from inside. They felt that they would never get married. A glimpse of depression was visible on my face.
Only we can help ourselves

She adds that she had many people to talk to. If they had not been there, she might not have managed. Aarti says that some such incidents happen in life due to which we become a victim of depression. Only we can help ourselves.