Varanasi Balloon Festival Photos Viral What to say about the divinity-magnificence of Kashi, but it was seen in a different form from the hot air balloon. In this, the complete glimpse of Baba's court came to the fore, as if the eyelids refused to blink.

Varanasi: Another unique festival has been added to the city of festivals, Banaras. It took tourists from all over the country including the people of Kashi on a sky tour. Seeing the unique color of Kashi-Vishwanath-Ganga, people with folded hands bowed down to the peak of Baba's court and the new grand abode. Seeing the Ghats of Uttarwahini Ganga wrapped around the neck of Kashi like the moon and the splendor of the tent city, my heart stopped and in my style, the sky echoed by proclaiming Har Har Mahadev.

A unique experience to see the settlement of Kashi: It was a unique experience to see the settlement of Kashi along the Ganga and its ghats, some balloons went up to Chandauli with the gust of wind or landed near Domari. Visibility remained up to 500 meters in the morning due to clear weather. The effect of fog was also there for some time across the Ganges. He may not have got a chance to see further than this, but he saw all that he wanted to see.

What to say about the divinity and magnificence of Kashi, but it got a different look from the hot air balloon. In this, the complete glimpse of Baba's court came to the fore, as if the eyelids refused to blink. Devotee's mind bowed to Baba's abode and bowed down to this unique masterpiece.

The biggest balloon landed in Chandauli's Dulhipur, 16 people were on board the biggest balloon that came from England. He landed at Dulhipur in Chandauli after a flight of about 45 minutes. As soon as it landed, people ran toward it. The curiosity of the people of the villages was created upon seeing this. Within a short while the CDO and the police team reached there. After a while, the GPS-fitted vehicles returned with the passengers of the balloon.

People said, this day is very special Tuesday was completely different and very special for the people of Kashi. Even more so for those who traveled in a balloon. People used to say that it was a great experience to see Banaras from a height, especially flying over the Ganges. Wherever the balloons were passing, people were competing for selfies and videography. People were seen greeting the travelers by shaking hands.

The pilot lowered the balloon very low to see the Ghats. After that, he was taken upstairs again. Tourism officer Kirtiman Srivastava said that on the first day, flights of all 10 balloons carrying 30 people were safe. It is very important in the tourism sector of Kashi.