The month of December continues, with the end of which the year 2023 will also end and the new year 2024 will begin. After the hustle and bustle of work throughout the year, December is a relaxing month in which everyone is seen enjoying Christmas as well as New Year celebrations. But it becomes a bit difficult to decide the right place for this celebration. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some such cities where the best and most exciting view of the New Year celebration can be seen. If you are thinking of making this New Year celebration very exciting and memorable, then you can visit these places with your friends or family. Let us know about these places...

Goa is the best destination to visit on New Year. New Year is celebrated in a very special way in Goa. If you are going here, then definitely go to the bohemian beach party to nightclub events. There is a party phase in Goa in the last days of December. You can also have a lot of fun here. If you are planning to celebrate New Year in Goa, then definitely enjoy Tito's Club, Mambo Cafe, and Boat Cruise Party.

Mussoorie is one of the best places in the country where enthusiasm for New Year is seen. People from cities like Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, etc. come here mostly to visit. On the occasion of New Year, thousands of tourists are present on Mussoorie Mall Road and as soon as the clock reaches 12, sounds of Happy New Year start coming from everywhere. Along with celebrating New Year on Mall Road, you can also visit places like Lal Dibba, Kempty Fall, Mussoorie Lake, and Nag Tibba. It is said that a party is also organized here on New Year.

Ooty in South India is one of the best locations to celebrate New Year. On the occasion of New Year, you will see snow on a large number of pine trees in Ooty. Surrounded by lush green natural landscapes, Ooty's beautiful cottages, botanical gardens, and flower gardens are the major centers of attraction. You can celebrate the New Year party here with your friends. The beautiful views here will double the fun of your party.

The more we mention about the beauty of this place, the less it is. There can be no better hill station than this to celebrate New Year with friends. There is a crowd of tourists near Naini Lake at all times and one can see the crowd even on New Year. There is hustle and bustle at Naini Chowk all the time. In such a situation, if you live in Delhi, Haryana, or Punjab city then you can easily reach Nainital to celebrate New Year. Apart from celebrating New Year, you can visit places like Naina Devi Temple, Echo Cave Garden, Snow View Point, and Tiffin Top.

There are many cities in Rajasthan, which are perfect for the New Year party. One of these cities is the City of Lake i.e. Udaipur. The sights of Udaipur can prove to be a perfect option for a New Year celebration. Will remain one of your beautiful memories. You will like the Queen Lake and the luxurious palaces of kings and emperors here. You can celebrate New Year party on the lake shore or in the palace. This place is also very good from the safety point of view of girls. Girls' parties can also be organized here in the New Year.

There are many such hill stations in Himachal where thousands of people come to celebrate the New Year, but the fun of celebrating the New Year in Khajjiar of Dalhousie will probably not be seen at any other place. Like Dalhousie Mall Road, tourists also reach Khajjiar on the evening of 31st December and return to their rooms after celebrating New Year late at night. It is said that on the occasion of New Year, Khajjiar is decorated like a bride, and music is also organized. Let us tell you that Khajjiar is also called Switzerland of India.

In India, the New Year is celebrated very well in Kolkata. The traditional way in Kolkata The New Year celebrated is famous all over the world. There are many events held here which can be enjoyed on New Year's Eve. Along with this, there are many tasty dishes to eat here which can be consumed.

The parties of Bengaluru are famous all over India because the parties here go on all night. New Year celebration is done here in many ways. Some people like to go to pubs or bars. In some restaurants, some people like to go to nearby areas, where they can celebrate New Year in different ways.

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