Many people are fond of traveling. He also makes travel plans. But due to busy work and worries about expenses, people are often unable to fulfill this desire. Before going on a trip anywhere, people think that they should go to a place where they can not only enjoy the beauty of India but also spend less money. People want to plan trips in less time. In such a situation, it is difficult to choose a travel destination that comes within the budget and in a short time. For this you do Google. Where to go? How much will it cost? Let's calculate all this. Here is the solution to your problem. If you are a resident of Delhi NCR or nearby areas and are planning an exciting trip for two days, then there are many places for you to visit within Rs 5000. In the next slides, learn about the cheap travel destinations near Delhi to visit at a low cost.

Delhi to Mussoorie
If you want to go to a hill station then Mussoorie is a place worth visiting on a budget. The beautiful Hill Stanish, located at a distance of 30 kilometers from Dehradun, is a center of attraction for Mussoorie tourists. The distance from Delhi to Mussoorie is 303 kilometers. You can travel to Mussoorie in two days as a long drive. The cost of a night's room here is up to Rs 2000. Food will be available up to Rs 500.

Delhi to Agra
Agra district of Uttar Pradesh is the most important destination for foreign tourists. The Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, is located here. Although the Taj is considered a symbol of love, it also has its importance in terms of beauty, artistry, and historicity. The distance from Delhi to Agra is 233 km. Apart from the Taj, you can enjoy many other monuments and parks here. You can travel to Agra for Rs 5000 including food, drinks, accommodation, and transport, etc.

Delhi to Manesar
The distance from Delhi to Manser is 54 kilometers. After a drive of about two hours, you will reach Manesar, Haryana. You will find a lake in this quiet town. By whom you can sit and relax. This place is best for picnics and spending time with family. There is Shitala Mata Temple here and you can also visit Sultanpur National Park.

Jim Corbett from Delhi
If you love nature then also think about visiting Jim Corbett National Park. It is one of the famous national parks of the country. The distance from Delhi to Jim Corbett is 246 km. Here you will see more than 580 species of birds and 50 species of mammals. Including food, accommodation, and transport, you can travel for two days at an expense of up to Rs 4000.

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