Often we have seen countries with many populations. Where there is a large population of people. Due to this, the initiative remains in that country. But do you know? Many such countries in the world have made their specialty and along with this, they have also earned the title of a peaceful beloved country. Incidents like crime are rarely seen here.

Apart from the most beautiful views of the world, there is a lot in this country, due to which it has become the most peaceful country in the world. Iceland's population is only 3.25 lakhs, and this country has the best conditions for democracy and gender equality.

The name Denmark comes from the list of the least corrupt and happiest countries in the world. The literacy rate of the people here is very high and the standard of living is also very good. People of this country prefer to go to school or the workplace by bicycle or on foot instead of a personal vehicle.

This country of Europe has a very good environment for the living of the people. The graph for all types of crime in Austria is very low. Along with this, this country is also known for its cleanliness. The transportation system of this country is also excellent. Because of this millions of people like to visit here every year.

New Zealand
New Zealand is an advanced socially progressive country as well as a country with a very low crime rate. The education system of this country and the health facilities here are also world-class. In New Zealand, people get advanced health facilities from the government for free or at very low rates.

This country is very calm and very beautiful. The crime level is very low here. The weather, food, and architecture of this country also attract people from all over the world.