People who are fond of traveling want the beach of Goa ie the beach. But many times even after planning, you are not able to go to Goa, then you can go to Gujarat, where many beautiful beaches make up for the lack of Goa. The beauty of Gujarat's sea beaches and the panoramic views of the surrounding nature attract tourists. Here people forget about some worldliness and come to see the waves of the sea and the faraway horizon. If you are looking for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of Goa, then it would be better to visit these beautiful beaches of Gujarat. Here you can plan a holiday with family, friends, and children. Come let's know about these beaches of Gujarat...

Mandvi Beach
Mandvi Beach, located in Kutch, Gujarat, is known for its beautiful views of the sunset. At the same time, due to less crowd on Mandvi beach, the water of the sea is also very clear. In such a situation, at Mandvi Beach, you can not only capture the spectacular views of the sunset through the camera, but you can also explore the beach thoroughly by riding a horse and a camel.

Tithal Beach
The beauty of Tithal beach located in the Valsad district of Gujarat state is worth seeing. It is also called the picnic spot here. The color of the sand of Tithal beach is pitch black, which is also known as the black sand beach. Situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea, this beach is perfect for family and kids' outings. There is a swing arrangement for children on the beach side, as well as here you can enjoy a camel ride with children. If you are also going to visit Gujarat, then do not forget to visit this beautiful beach.

Somnath Beach
Somnath is famous all over the world for the Somnath temple. There are 12 Adi Jyotirlingas in this temple. Whoever goes to Somnath goes with the desire to give to this temple. No one plans to visit Somnath Beach in Somnath. This beach is very beautiful but because of the temple, this place is less famous. That's why if you go to Somnath temple, then definitely see this beach too. This beach is very close to Somnath temple. You will be happy to see the view here. There is a wonderful confluence of nature and faith here. The distance from Ahmedabad to Somnath is 410 km.

Madhavpur Beach
Madhavpur beach in Gujarat is famous for the celebration of many functions. On the other hand, by visiting Madhavpur Beach, you can have fun in the sea as well as on camel rides, shopping for local things, and tasting the famous food of Gujarat.

Chorwad Beach
You can spend relaxing moments at Chorwad Beach located in the Junagadh district of Gujarat state. If you want to enjoy the peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city and listen to the sound of water, then this place is perfect for you. Here you can see the strong waves of the sea. From here you can enjoy the view of the sunset. Also, the cool winds here will fascinate you, but keep in mind that this beach is not suitable for swimming. Here you can enjoy boating, parasailing, and horse riding.

Dwarka Beach
Dwarka, situated at a distance of about 439 km from Ahmedabad, is called the city of Lord Krishna. In such a situation, many devotees come to Gujarat from far and wide to visit the Dwarkadhish temple. At the same time, you can also head to Dwarka Beach to celebrate the new year. A trip to Dwarka Beach can act as relaxing therapy for you on New Year's.

Chowpatty Beach
This beach is in Porbandar, Gujarat. The same Porbandar, where the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was born. There is a wonderful beach in this Porbandar, Chowpatty. This beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Gujarat. The view from here is the most beautiful view of the entire Porbandar. Here you should see the setting sun. Believe me, you will fall in love with this place. There is Kirti Mandir near this beach which you can see. The distance from Ahmedabad to Porbandar is 394 kms. You should see this beach once, you will get an idea of its beauty for yourself.

Dumas beach
This is the only beach in the whole of India that is as beautiful as it is scary. Scary because black sand is spread all around. Seeing which gives a ghostly feeling. Especially when people come here at night, this black sand does not make people feel good. Despite this, this beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Gujarat. You must visit Dumas Beach to experience the story and feel of this place. These beaches are in Surat and the distance from Surat to Ahmedabad is 250 km.