Many people go on foreign trips to fulfill their desire to travel. For this, they plan for different countries. During this, you also have to follow the rules of the country you are going to. Usually, the laws of every country are normal, but today in this episode we are going to tell you about some countries whose laws are so unique that you will be surprised. If you do not follow these laws, you may have to pay a heavy fine. Let's know about these unique and strange laws of the world.

As beautiful as Switzerland is, there are strange rules here, which are very important for every local person and tourist coming here to follow. Have you ever heard that flushing after 10 o'clock is completely banned, haven't you? Knowing this you must have started laughing, but it is true, this thing bothers many people in Switzerland. So, if you are visiting Switzerland, you can follow the mantra of early to bed and early to rise.

On the one hand, protests are going on in Iran where women are forced to wear hijabs and the law that covers the face completely. So on the other hand there is also a country where it is illegal to cover the face. It is illegal to wear face-covering clothing in public in Denmark. Given public safety, the Parliament of the country approved this law in 2018.

Sri Lanka
Usually, whenever we go to visit someplace, we take selfies there again and again. But in Sri Lanka, laws have also been made to take selfies. Any kind of misbehavior towards Buddhist statues and artifacts is strictly prohibited here. Notably, taking selfies with your back to the Buddha statue is prohibited in this country, as it is considered disrespectful here.

Tourists in Greece are prohibited from wearing shoes that could damage monuments. Experts in Greek prehistoric and classical antiquities believe that high-heeled shoes at historical sites or monuments can pierce because of the pressure exerted by the whole body on the heels.

There is a law to change bulbs in Victoria, Australia. If seen generally, we do small work like changing the bulb in our homes by ourselves. But in Australia's Victoria, only a trained electrician is called to change the bulb. Failure to do so can result in a fine of up to 10 Australian dollars.

In hot and humid places, we all like to stay in cool places. In such a situation, heat and humidity are seen the most in Thailand, but if you are driving here with your shirt off, then let me tell you, this thing is considered objectionable here.

You will be surprised to know that being fat is illegal in Japan. According to the 2009 law, the waist size of women and men in Japan has been fixed. Japanese law states that women's waist size should not exceed 35 inches and men should not exceed 31 inches.

Chewing gum was banned in Singapore in 1992, but it is not illegal to eat them. In 2004, some amendments were made to this ban. Since then you can buy dental, therapeutic, and nicotine chewing gum from a doctor or pharmacist. The ban was imposed because miscreants started sticking chewing gum to train door sensors, mailboxes, inside keyholes, lift buttons, stairways, and wherever it was difficult to clean.

There is also a law in Thailand about how you keep money with you. Here you are not allowed to step on money. Pictures of the country's royal family are printed in Thai currency. In such a situation, it is believed that if people step on money, it tarnishes the image of the royal family. Doing so is against the law and there is a provision of punishment for doing so.

To prevent incidents like accidents in Germany, a law was made to never run out of petrol in the vehicle. Due to running out of petrol, the vehicle has to be pushed, it distracts the attention of other drivers and increases the chances of an accident. In Germany, it is illegal to pull a vehicle as well as to walk on foot.