There are many ancient and huge Hanuman temples in India, whose glory is world famous. The name of Hanumangarhi temple of Ayodhya comes among the biggest and prominent Hanuman temples, which is the birthplace of Lord Rama and his devotee Bajrangbali ji is seated here. But do you know where Bajrangbali and King Ram met for the first time? How revered would be that place, where Lord Ram and Hanuman ji would have met for the first time. The description of their meeting itself is quite interesting.

It is said that when Lord Rama was searching for his wife Sita in the forest during the 14-year exile, he met Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji went to Ram ji in Brahmin guise at the behest of King Sugriva, to get his introduction. When Lord Ram told that he is Shri Ram, the son of Ayodhya King Dasharath, then Hanuman ji came in his real form and Shri Ram met Hanuman. But where did Lord Shri Ram and Hanuman meet and can you visit that place, know this in this article.

Where is the Ram-Hanuman Milan Temple located

Ram ji and Hanuman ji met for the first time in Hampi city of present-day Karnataka state. In this beautiful Hampi city, a grand Hanuman temple has now been built at the meeting place of Hanuman and Ram ji. The name of the temple is Yantrodharka Hanuman Temple. The translation of the word Yantrodharka is, 'the one who has held a yantra.' Tourists and devotees from all over India come here and feel the power and grandeur of this place.

History of Yantrodharka Hanuman Temple

According to beliefs, this temple was established by the great Hindu sage Vyas Raj. It is said that at this place Vyas Raj used to worship Hanuman ji daily and make a picture of Bajrangbali ji with coal.

After the sage worshiped, the picture used to disappear automatically. Pleased with his devotion, Hanuman Ji appeared before Vyas Raj and instructed him to install the statue of Bajrangbali Ji inside a yantra. This statue of Lord Hanuman sitting in the middle of the mysterious yantra is considered to be the source of all energy.

The specialty of the temple
The special thing is that usually Hanuman Ji is seen flying or standing with Dronagiri, but in this temple he is sitting inside a yantra holding something in his hands.

How to reach Yantrodharak Hanuman Temple
This temple is also called Monkey Temple. Which is located on the top of Anjaneya Hill. The temple is built inside a cave. One has to climb 570 stairs to reach the temple. To reach Hampi, one can go by train or bus. One can reach here by private car or taxi from Bangalore or Mysore.

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