Spending winter in Delhi has its fun. Due to the winter here, more than one meme keeps going viral. There are more than one places to visit in the capital Delhi. Where you can enjoy the winter of Delhi. This place is very unique in itself. Apart from this, the beauty of this place increases even more in winter. That's why remove yourself from the blanket and leave the laziness and go out on these streets of Delhi. Here we are going to mention some such places in Delhi where there is even more fun in winter.

Which are those places?
1. The Red Fort of Delhi is famous all over the world. In the winter season, the crowd of tourists increases further. Let us tell you that the Red Fort of Delhi was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1638 AD, which is a valuable heritage of India today.

2. The India Gate of Delhi, built in memory of the martyrs, remains full of tourists till late at night these days. The colorful lights here attract the attention of the people. You will often see many cultural festivals happening near India Gate. India Gate can be a good option to spend winter evenings in Delhi.

3. If you haven't seen Humayun's Tomb while living in Delhi, then understand that you have missed the beauty of Delhi a little. Humayun's tomb looks more beautiful on these winter evenings. Let us tell you that this mausoleum was built by Humayun in memory of his wife Haji Begum, which is a fine piece of architecture.

4. It is often advised to people that whenever they come from Delhi, they must visit Akshardham temple. Especially do not forget to watch the light show, boating, and cultural program here.