Nagaland is a northeastern state of India. Its capital is Kohima, while Dimapur is the largest city in the state. Nagaland is bordered by Assam in the west, Arunachal Pradesh in the north, Burma in the east, and Manipur in the south. According to the 2011 Census of India, it has an area of 16,579 square kilometers, and a population of 19,80,602, making it one of the smallest states in India.

A total of 16 tribes reside in the state of Nagaland. Each tribe is distinguished from the others by its distinctive customs, language, and dress. However, language and religion are the two bridges that bind these tribes together. English is the official language of the state. It is also the language of instruction and is spoken by the majority of the inhabitants. Nagaland is one of the three states in India where followers of Christianity form the majority of the population.

Nagaland is a culturally diverse state known for its colorful traditional festivals, nature, exotic landscapes, historical sites, and cuisine. As we all know, the North Eastern states due to their geographical conditions follow vastly different cultures and traditions as compared to other parts of the country which can also be seen in the cuisine of Nagaland.

The famous food of Nagaland includes everything from non-vegetarian dishes to vegetarian dishes, which make everyone, from the local people to the tourists coming here, lick their fingers. The famous food of Nagaland is something that everyone who knows about it, at least once starts wishing to eat it. Today we are going to tell our readers about 9 famous food items of Nagaland. Along with this, we are also going to tell the method of making them-


Samthu is a favorite dish of Nagaland and is eaten with great gusto across the state. Axone is first used in smoked pork to prepare Samanthu, a famous dish of Nagaland, and made into a thick curry using chili powder called samanthu, which is an important part of the dish. This dish is mostly prepared in Sema/Sumi households of Nagaland and is their specialty food which is relished by all the people of the tribe. Samthu included in the Famous Food of Nagaland is such a dish whose real taste you cannot get anywhere else, that's why whenever you come to Nagaland, you must try Samthu.


Famous Nagaland cuisine, Aikebe is a dish that is mainly prepared with mustard leaves and colocasia roots. To prepare aikebe, mustard leaves, and colocasia roots are cooked with just salt so that the flavors blend. After being prepared as akebe, it is eaten with chicken or non-vegetarian food.


Akini is another famous dish from Nagaland which is made by roasting and grinding perilla seeds and later cooked with paddy field snails. After cooking, a little fat from pork and oxen is also added to it, which makes its test more spicy. If you are going to visit Nagaland then you must try Akini in your trip.

Bamboo Grilled Fish

Although fish is cooked and liked all over India, in Nagaland, fish is prepared in a different way, which makes it an important part of Nagaland cuisine. This is a method of cooking for Naga people which is now becoming famous all over the state. To make this type of fish, bamboo tubes are first taken and the fish is stuffed inside with some spices and then cooked in the fire. Once the fish are cooked, they are ready to eat it also has a mild flavor of bamboo and this flavor makes it the most different and unique.


Bushmeat or dog meat is one of the famous non-vegetarian food of Nagaland. Bushmeat people of Nagaland especially Naga are one of the most liked non-vegetarian dishes by the people. Bushmeat or dog meat is also known as the cheapest meat dish in the Northeast.


Hinkejavu is a very simple and basic dish of Nagaland cuisine that is enjoyed by many families in Nagaland as a part of their daily meals. Hinkejavu is made with colocasia, chopped cabbage leaves, mustard leaves, and some French beans and is eaten with great relish. Whenever you come to Nagaland, you will find this famous dish in almost every house and hotel in the state.


Amarusu is one of the main dishes of Nagaland. Prepared with ground rice, chicken green chilies, ginger, garlic, and other spices, Amarusu is the signature dish of the Ao tribe. Which is becoming increasingly popular among tourists and other people these days.


Colocasia and also known as Arbi in Hindi, Anishi is another famous dish of Nagaland. Anishi is a plant whose stem and leaves are used to make various stews and flavor food. The Ao tribe of Nagaland eats it with great relish. Anishi is cooked with fresh pork or smoked pork.


Zutho is a famous rice beer that is consumed with great gusto throughout the North East, especially in Nagaland. Jutho is so popular in Nagaland that every celebration is incomplete without it, especially for men.

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