A person driving a car in the narrow streets of India can master driving anywhere. Your driving license is the most important document for driving a vehicle. But when it comes to driving abroad, the question arises in the minds of people will they get a chance to drive long on the glittering roads of India on a driving license of India? So let us tell you that many countries in the world recognize Indian driving licenses. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you about some such countries where you must have an International Driving Permit to drive a car, your Indian driving license is enough. Let's know about these countries...

This country of Central Europe is called the paradise of the world. According to the rules here, you can drive on an Indian driving license in the countryside for up to 1 year. Apart from this, you can also rent a vehicle here on your basis, but your license should be in the English language.

New Zealand
For your information, let us tell you, it is very important for you to be 21 years old to drive a car in this country. Apart from this, your driving license should be in English. If your Indian license is not in English, you will need to get it done in English by the New Zealand Government. Driving in this country made up of two big islands and many other small islands in the South-Western Pacific Ocean is a different fun.

Here you can drive for one year with your Indian driving license, for this, your license should be valid and made in English. If it is not made in English or is not valid, then you can drive with an International Driving License. You will also need a copy of Form I-94, which lists your date of arrival in the US.

You must have enjoyed the French engine many times but thanks to the Indian license you can also enjoy driving on the roads of France. This country allows its visiting guests to drive on their local driving license for up to 1 year. But there is a condition with this that the license should also be in the French language.

South Africa
You must have a valid driving license in the US and in English to drive in South Africa. Because you have to show your license to take the car on rent. Also, it is necessary to have your photo and signature on your license.

You drive on the left side of the road in Australia, similar to driving in India. You can drive on the roads of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory for 3 months. Make sure that your DL is in English and not in any Indian language.

People visiting Germany from India can drive here for 6 months with the help of an Indian driving license. An international driving license is not required here. Whenever you drive here, keep all the papers with you.

One of the world's major ports and trading centers, this country is located in South Asia between Malaysia and Indonesia. The government here allows foreign visitors to drive on their International Driving License for up to 1 year. This country is very famous among tourists from all over the world. Apart from this, you can also drive to Hong Kong and Malaysia.

You all must know that Canada is also known as Mini Punjab. If you want to drive on the wide roads here, you must have an International Driving License in the English language. The Indian DL is valid for 60 days after which you need a Canadian Driving License to drive a car in the country.

United Kingdom
You can drive on the roads of the United Kingdom (UK), which includes England, Wales, and Scotland, with your Indian DL for 1 year. Please note that the UK only allows a certain class of vehicles to drivers with Indian DL and not all.