The winter season is considered to be the best to visit. These days, everyone likes to explore some such place that offers beautiful views with peace and relaxation. Everyone plans to visit their favorite places according to their wish. Many people also like to visit the rural areas of the country. There are many villages away from the cities, which have been developed for tourists. If you want to explore villages during these winter holidays, then we are going to tell you about some heritage villages. You can experience the age-old traditions, culture, and lifestyle here. Come let's know about these popular heritage villages...

Paragpur Village, Himachal Pradesh
Paragpur village is considered to be the first heritage village of India. The village was founded in the 16th century by Princess Prag Dei of the Jaswan royal family, which is believed to be the royals of the Kangra district. People come from all over the country and abroad to see the beauty of this place. These villages are still boasting of their old heritage. After seeing the architecture here, you will also become crazy about this village. Even today, old heritage shops, stone roads, and fort-like houses are seen here, which are the main attractions of this village.

Garli, Himachal Pradesh
Garli is situated not far from Pragpur. The specialty of this village is its fusion architecture. The beautiful Havelis in Garli were once the homes of wealthy merchants. European influence is also visible in the architecture here. The Chateau here is one of the famous heritage hotels.

Khasi Village, Meghalaya
People from India and abroad come to Khasi Heritage Village located in Mawphlang. It is located right opposite the Mawphlang Sacred Forest and just 25 km from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. The village was built to showcase the traditional lifestyle of the Khasi people, one of the major tribes of Meghalaya.

Kisama, Nagaland
Kisama Heritage Village is the venue for the Popular Hornbill Festival. It is situated at a distance of just 12 km from Kohima city, the capital of Nagaland. Here you can see the traditional Naga village of Nagaland. Also, you can know in detail about the culture of Nagaland.

Riek, Mizoram
Riek village of Mizoram surrounded by lush green hills is very beautiful and attractive. The land of Bangladesh can be easily seen from this village. Reek village is home to the Mizo tribal community, which is known for its culture and heritage. Everyone's houses in this tribal village are also well built, which the state government has helped a lot. This village is the perfect destination to see and understand the tribal community