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There is not much time left for the start of the ODI World Cup, but the problems regarding its schedule are not taking the name of stopping from the beginning till now. BCCI and ICC had released its schedule but after that, some boards demanded changes in it due to which the schedule of Macho was also changed. And after this change, it seemed that the schedule had become final and everyone was satisfied with it, but let us tell you that now the Hyderabad Cricket Association has demanded the Indian Board to change it. Hyderabad has to host two matches consecutively and that is why it has demanded BCCI to keep a gap in these two matches. The Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, located in Uppal, Hyderabad, has to host two consecutive matches. It also includes a Pakistan match and this Pakistan match was recently changed due to which HCA is now facing trouble.

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* These are those 2 matches:

According to the report, it is being told that Hyderabad has to host the match between New Zealand and Netherlands on October 9 and after that, the match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka is going to be played here the next day. Pakistan's match which was earlier scheduled to be played on 12 October was changed and it was scheduled on 10 October as the match between Pakistan and India on 15 October was shifted to 14 October. Please tell that Pakistan could get enough time before India's match, so this match was changed to 10 October. Pakistan will also face the Netherlands on October 6 at the same stadium.

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* Security became an issue:

According to the reports, it is being told that the Hyderabad Police has expressed concern about providing security to two consecutive mothers. Especially regarding the Pakistan match. Hyderabad Police has told the HCA that it needs at least 3000 police personnel for the Pakistan match. Apart from the stadium, the hotel where the Pakistan team will stay will also require a heavy police force. In such a situation, the police told the HCA that it would not be able to provide the necessary security for the Pakistan match. The HCA has written a letter to the BCCI regarding the matter and the HCA has expressed its concern to the BCCI long after the schedule change. Please tell that BCCI did not talk to BA officials at the time of the change in schedule.