India's spinner bowler Yuzvendra Chahal is famous for his funny style. Chahal's bonding with fellow players is tremendous. Recently, Yuzvendra Chahal revealed a funny incident that happened in Australia with Sanju Samson, about which you will also be surprised to know. Sanju Samson and Chahal have played together for the Indian team.

Chahal said during a conversation with ESPNcricinfo- We went on a tour of Australia in 2016. I and Sanju were in an apartment together. During this, Sanju had taken a frying pan, whose plastic cover was forgotten. Sanju put the pan on the stove and started making eggs. Soon after that, the fire alarm went off. Everyone was surprised to see this. The fire brigade vehicle had arrived and people were wondering how the alarm went off.

It was later learned that Sanju Samson had burnt the plastic cover of the frying pan. Seeing this, we laughed and Sanju was also laughing and Sanju had to pay the fine after this. Sanju Samson and Yuzvendra Chahal have played together in many series for India. Currently, Yuzvendra Chahal is playing for Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2022 under the captaincy of Sanju Samson and is also performing well. Chahal has also taken a hat-trick in the current season of IPL and Sanju Samson's performance has also been very good.