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The league stage of Asia Cup 2023 is over. And for its next round i.e. Super 4, all four teams have been finalized. India and Pakistan have qualified from Group A and Sri Lanka and Bangladesh from Group B have made their place in the Super 4. The match between India and Pakistan in the league stage was canceled due to rain, but in Super 4 these two teams can face each other again and these two teams can face each other in the final also. To date, the teams of India and Pakistan have not faced each other in the final of the Asia Cup, but it will not be surprising if it happens this time.

The last match between India and Pakistan was canceled due to rain, so India had to defeat Nepal to make it to the Super 4, which it did very easily. Pakistan had faced Nepal before India and had also won but now the competition is up for all the teams, what is there in Super 4? India's schedule and how the India-Pakistan team can play the final for the first time. Let us tell you.

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* There will be competition with Pakistan again:

Let us tell you whether all the teams reaching Super 4 will play matches with each other or not, each team will have to play three matches here. India has to play its first match in Super Ka against Pakistan and this match will be played at R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo on 10th September. A day after this i.e. on 12 September, the Indian team will face Sri Lanka. This match will also be played in this stadium. After this, on September 15, the Indian team will face Bangladesh and this time also the ground will be the same as it was against Pakistan and Sri Lanka, that is, in these three matches, India is going to compete with three good teams.

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* India-Pakistan will clash in the final:

Let us tell you that a total of 6 matches are going to be played in the Super Four. After these 6 matches, the team that will be in the top two will face each other in the finals in both the teams. In such a situation, if Pakistan and India remain in the top two in the Super Cup stage, then for the first time the final of the Asia Cup will be decided between India and Pakistan. The possibility of this is very high this time, the reason being that among the four teams that have reached the Super Cup, the strongest are the teams of India and Pakistan. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are good teams but compared to India and Pakistan, these two teams are not very strong. However, this is cricket and anything can happen at any time. India and Pakistan also know this, and that is why they will not take these two teams lightly.