SA20 league commissioner Graeme Smith made it clear before the start of the season that the participation of Indian players in the league is the prerogative of the BCCI. Only those players who have severed ties with BCCI and Indian Cricket will get a chance in the league.

SA20 League is organized in South Africa. Indian franchisees have participated in this league. Franchises like Chennai, Delhi, Sunrisers, and Super Giants have formed their teams. In such a situation, it was rumored a few days ago that Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is taking part in the coaching staff of the Joburg Super Kings team.

Meanwhile, SA20 league commissioner Graeme Smith has invited Dhoni to join the league. Speaking to Hindustan Times on Friday, Graeme Smith said, "The doors are open for Dhoni to join the league in the future. He is a great captain and player."

Appeal for cooperation from BCCI

The SA20 commissioner said, “We have said before that Cricket South Africa respects the BCCI rules and regulations and their way of working. We want to further strengthen our relationship with them. We can learn a lot while working with them. BCCI has more experience in organizing big tournaments like IPL and World Cup. It is important for the SA20 league that association with BCCI will take this league to greater heights.

Exercise to connect Dhoni with the SA20 league

Graeme Smith said, “But one thing we want is that if Dhoni joins our league then the value of this league will increase. He can teach a lot to the young players. South Africa will be proud if he joins the league. If ever there is an opportunity, I will try to get Mahi here."

Please tell that Dhoni has won the IPL title four times to Chennai Super Kings under his captaincy. Also, as the Indian captain, the team is the only captain to win all three major ICC trophies. Dhoni led the Indian team to victory in the 2007 T20 World Cup, the 2011 ODI World Cup, and the ICC Champions Trophy.