The performance of Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2022 has been very poor. Chennai's team has won three out of 10 matches this season and is out of the race for the playoffs. In the first 8 matches, Chennai was captained by Ravindra Jadeja and under the captaincy of Jadeja, the performance of Chennai's team was very poor. In the middle of the season, Dhoni was again made the captain of CSK. But even Dhoni could not change the fortunes of his team.

After seeing the bad condition of Chennai, now veteran Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag has given a big statement. Virender Sehwag said that some decisions of the team were wrong and said that Jadeja should not have been made the captain of this team. Criticizing CSK, Sehwag said that early in the season, Chennai had made a big mistake by replacing Dhoni with Ravindra Jadeja as the captain of the team. It was not the right decision. Had Dhoni been given the captaincy at the very beginning, then this condition of the team would not have happened.

CSK did not have a stable playing XI from the beginning. A star batsman like Gaikwad was flopping. From the very beginning, the CSK batsmen did not score runs and from there the team started sinking. Let us inform you that Jadeja was given the captaincy of CSK just 2 days before the start of the tournament. Out of 8 matches, he could lead his team to victory in only two matches. Jadeja also flopped with the ball and bat under the pressure of captaincy. During the match, he has seen fielding on the boundary line and Dhoni was seen captaining.