Cristiano Ronaldo: Cristiano Ronaldo has set a new record for playing the most international matches. Now it is his 197th match against Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Another record can be registered in the name of Cristiano Ronaldo. If he plays for Portugal on Thursday, Cristiano Ronaldo will become a player with 197 caps, the most in the history of any national team in the world.

The Portuguese captain played 196 internationals for his country during the last World Cup. If Roberto Martinez brings him on, Ronaldo will make his 197th international appearance against Liechtenstein. Talking about the player with the most international caps, the top ten list includes Al Mutwa (196), Soh Chin An (Malaysia 195), Sergio Ramos (Spain 180), and Gigi Buffon (Italy, 176).

Ronaldo's last game was in Qatar on December 10, 2022. He could potentially go beyond 200 matches as he aims to reach Euro 2024 in Germany. Ronaldo now plays for Al Nasr.

Al Nasr beat Abha Club 2-1 in the Saudi Pro League on Saturday. Ronaldo played an important role in Al Nasser's victory. Al Nasr won a free-kick from 35 yards in the 78th minute. Ronaldo reached to take it and scored the best goal by dodging all the players of the opposition team.