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Let us tell you that the countdown for the announcement of Team India for the ODI World Cup has started and the team is going to be announced in the coming few hours. But before that, Rohit Sharma has said a big thing and his statement has actually brought about the World Cup team. Through this, he has tried to clear the picture to a great extent. Indian team captain Rohit Sharma has given this statement after the match against Nepal. Apart from talking about the World Cup team in the post-match presentation, he also discussed a lot about his current team playing in the Asia Cup.

According to what Indian team captain Rohit Sharma said about the World Cup team, it seems that he already knew the picture of his team to a great extent. Rohit Sharma said that whatever number is there in the World Cup team is for one or two places. Apart from this, the names of all the other players are almost fixed.

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* World Cup team already fits in Rohit Sharma's mind:

Please tell that after winning the match against Nepal by 10 wickets, Rohit Sharma said that from the time we reached Sri Lanka to play the Asia Cup, this thing was very clear in our minds who would be our 15 players for the World Cup. If there is some confusion, it is about the position of one or two players. Apart from this the rest of the team was almost completely set in mind.

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* Reality of the team in Asia Cup:

Let us tell you that apart from showing the picture of his World Cup team in the match presentation, Rohit Sharma also told the reality of the present team playing in the Asia Cup. He said that we are not paying much attention to what happened in the first two matches of the Asia Cup as one of them got canceled although it is true that we did not do our best. This can also happen because some players are playing cricket after a month. But now we have reached Super 4 where there is absolutely no room for error and relaxation. After this, he said that in the first game, we played under pressure. Still, Hardik Pandya and Ishaan gave their best. In the second match, our bowling was fine but the fielding was very poor, on which we had to focus.