In the past, there were phones with keypads and now there are phones with touchscreens. These smartphones have become an important device for all of us. We all use smartphones a lot today. Today almost all our work is done through the phone. Whether it is to message someone or make a video call or send any important document from the phone, we can easily do the work in a pinch. Smartphones are as convenient as they are troublesome. Many times there are problems like the screen not working properly or hanging. Many times people have to face problems due to such problems. If you are also troubled by this problem, then today we are giving you some tips through which you can get rid of the problem of phone hanging.

How to get rid of phone hang problem:
Many times many apps are installed on our smartphones. We do not use many of these apps. But these apps are lying on the phone. This not only fills up the phone's storage but also makes the phone slow. In such a situation, to avoid this kind of trouble, you have to delete those apps which you do not use. When you uninstall such apps, the processing of your phone becomes faster.
Apart from apps, another important thing is the heavy files present on the phone. Many times we save so much on our phones that the phone space gets filled up and the phone becomes slow. Sometimes these files are so heavy that they hang the phone. In this case, the touchscreen does not work either. If you have such heavy files on your phone then delete them immediately. If these are important files, back up them to Google Drive.
Many times we download an app that is affected by malware. Such apps gain complete control over the phone and start hanging the phone. Slowly your phone starts getting worse. In such a situation, we advise you not to download any app without checking its authenticity.