Cases of heart attack have been increasing rapidly for the last few years. There can be many reasons for the increased risk of heart attack in people. Heart disease can happen to a person of any age. The risk of heart disease increases due to poor lifestyle and dietary irregularities.

Many cases of heart attack and cardiac arrest have been reported since the Corona period. There are many such cases in which people who take care of their fitness and do regular exercise in the gym are included. Just keeping the body fit does not make the heart strong. Regular yoga can be done to strengthen the heart and avoid the risk of heart disease.

Heart rate can be reduced by controlling high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels through yoga. The risk of heart attack and heart-related diseases can be reduced by including yoga asanas in your daily routine. These are the yogasanas that strengthen the heart.

This asana is beneficial for the prevention of many diseases. You can practice this asana regularly to improve body balance, and increase stamina. Virabhadrasana improves blood circulation and can reduce stress. Heart rate remains controlled with this asana. Include Virabhadrasana in your life to improve heart capacity and keep muscles healthy.

Dhanurasana yoga is beneficial for strengthening the heart. Dhanurasana strengthens the heart muscles, stretches the body and reduces the extra pressure on the heart. It is also helpful in improving blood circulation and better functioning of blood circulation.

You can practice Vrikshasana regularly to reduce stress, keep the mind calm, and prevent heart disease. This asana can reduce the risk of heart disease.