As a result of a busy lifestyle, social pressure, and trying to meet the demands of the family, most people start feeling mental stress, anxiety, and depression. Apart from this, loneliness and sadness can also cause mood swings. Due to irregular eating habits, lack of regular exercise, and insomnia, the brain starts feeling tired. Due to this, stress and anxiety increase and may lead to depression. Some measures can be adopted to reduce stress.

Regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and adequate rest can help improve mental health. One of the effective ways to maintain better mental health is by practicing yoga. Regular practice of yoga keeps the mind and brain calm. There are some yoga, which for 10 minutes daily can cure mental disorders, stress, anxiety, and mood swings.

To reduce stress, you can practice Balasana Yoga. Balasana not only reduces mental stress but can also reduce physical stress. Practicing Balasana stretches the body and improves mood. Also, the stress level may reduce.

Marjorie seat
Marjorie can practice yoga to reduce stress. With this posture, breathing is controlled, which gives peace to the mind. Yogis feel stress-free by regular 10-minute practice of Marjari Asana.

To reduce stress, you can practice Sukhasana. You can practice Sukhasana for about 10 minutes. This yoga can calm the mind, which helps in reducing stress. Blood circulation can also be improved by the practice of Sukhasana.