People suffer from many physical and mental problems due to poor lifestyle, poor nutrition, and lack of sleep. In this condition, the person feels tired the whole day. Even if you take a rest or do not do any work, internally you keep feeling weak and tired. This condition is called chronic fatigue syndrome. To overcome fatigue and weakness, you may want to lie in bed all day. However, there is so much lack of energy in the body that one starts feeling heaviness in the body. In such a situation, you can do yoga to get rid of this problem of fatigue and weakness. Yoga not only increases your immunity but also increases your stamina. Internally your body feels light and energetic. If you also feel tired then include these yoga asanas in your regular practice.

If you suffer from weakness and fatigue, practice Balasana regularly. This asana reduces stress and also provides energy. To do Balasana, sit on your knees on the ground. Now touch both the ankles and heels together. Take a deep breath, bring your hands up, and bend forward. Then exhale while bringing the stomach between the thighs. Stay in this position for some time. Later, straighten the knees and come back to a normal position.

Practicing Dhanurasana is very beneficial for the thyroid. Apart from remaining energetic, you can also do Dhanurasana to reduce obesity. To practice Dhanurasana, lie on your stomach on the mat and bring your knees near the waist. Now try to hold both ankles with your hands. Then raise the head, chest, and thighs upwards and place the weight of the body on the lower part of the stomach. Stay in this position for some time, and later come back to normal position.

With this asana, the entire body gets stretched. To do Tadasana, stand straight on the yoga mat and keep some distance between the legs. Take a deep breath, raise both hands stretch them, and stand on the toes while raising the heels. In this state, you will feel stretched in every part of the body. Now after staying in this position for some time, return to normal position. Repeat this asana 10 to 15 times.

Shavasana is beneficial for removing physical and mental fatigue. To do this asana, lie down on the ground and leave your legs loose. Keeping both hands at a short distance from the body, slowly concentrate on the entire body parts starting from the toes. Keep the mind calm and energy is being generated in the body.