Due to less physical activity and mostly working while sitting, excess fat increases in the body. Due to more desk work in the office, the lower part of the body starts becoming heavy. Excess fat starts increasing in the thighs and hips and the body starts looking heavy.

Obesity or excess fat in different parts of the body can be reduced with yoga. However, if a part of the body is thin or normal and a part is fat, then yoga should be practiced. Here are the yogasanas that tone the hips and thighs. To reduce obesity in the lower part of the body, practice the yogasanas mentioned here.

Utkatasana is called Chair Pose. To practice this asana, stand with a little space between both feet stretch the hands forward, and join the palms in Namaste Mudra. Now raise the arms bend the knees and lower the pelvis. Now come into Namaste Mudra keeping the ankles and knees straight and keep the spine straight.


You can practice Ekpadasana to thin the thick thighs. To practice Ekpadasana, stand straight while keeping a distance between the legs. Now raise the arms and join the palms in Pranam Mudra. Exhale while keeping the back straight and bend the body till it is parallel to the floor. During this, keeping the arms near the ears, slowly raise the back. Then lift the right leg, pelvis, upper body, and hand upwards while keeping it straight. Maintain balance while focusing the eyes on the floor.


To do this asana, stand straight and lift the right foot from the floor, and balance by keeping the weight of the body on the left leg. Now keep the right foot on the inner thigh and support it with the palms. Take the hands in the sky while coming into Pranam Mudra. Repeat this yoga for some time.